The workshop of Marco Frascaroli makes and delivers worldwide edible photographs for cakes.

Personalized edible photograph to decorate your cake for all occasions.

Wedding receptions.
Birthday parties and Holy communion.
Nude photograph of men and women, all in good taste / humour.
Cheeky edible photograph to make your guest laugh.
You can request any edible photograoh through internet or direct by post or direct ording from our cataloge.

Time for deliver three day (in italy).


€ 10,00€ 15,00
Each photo with your picture cm 20 x 27 for extra photo€ 5,00
Each photo with your picture cm 30 x 40 for extra photo€ 10,00
Each photo with your picture cm 40 x 60€ 18,00 for extra photo€ 15,00

Photographs from our cataloge (at least ten photos)
Cm 14 x 14 two photo on one piece€ 3,1
Cm 20 x 27 or 20 x 20 for square€ 3,1
Cm 30x40€ 7,00
Cm 40x60€ 15,00

Price are exclude IVA 10% (Italian clients only), plus postage and packing.

Methods of payment
  • Cash of delivery
  • Cheques
  • Money transfer