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Marco Farscaroli is born in Rimini on 1948. As painter, he studied at high school where he was pupil of the painter Pazzini.After having attended the Academy school, he stopped his studies to dedicate himself entirely to his job and to decoration.
After a long pause he started to paint again at the beginning of nineties with his jute cloths which prepare with care starting from the structure.
Recently he has attended various contests and collectives. We mention here the most expressive ones of 96/98.

In '96, '97 and '98 he took part to different collective and personal exhibitions in Bellaria and neighboring.
In '96 collective exhibition in Rimini at Colonne Palace.
In San Remo he attend the exhibition "Noi Pittori d'Italia".
Contest la Margherita d'Argento in Cesena.
2nd classed in Ferrara at Contest "Cosme Tura" . During the Exhibition in Florence at Gallery Centro Storico he was awarded with "Calice d'Oro"
4th classed in S.Remo at "Festival of Contemporary Painters".
In 1997 2nd classed in Ferrara at contest "Filippo de Pisis".
He attended the exhibition "I gioielli della tavolozza" placed in S.Remo , which was reserved only to the classed of the "international Festival of contemporary Paint".
He was awarded the critical prize at the international contest "Epiphany '97" in Milan.
A recognition at the prize "la margherita d'argento".
Biennial exhibition "Art town Graziano Visconti" Casalpusterlengo. Judge prize.
Exhibition in Piacenza "the colours of Italian Art" only reserved to classed on contest.
1st classed to the contest "Cosmè Tura in Ferrara".
In Massa Carrara 3rd art exhibition "homage to Apuana Riviera". Special prize for Painting.
In lucca 1st international prize "Il Ciocco" he was 2nd classed.
6th Art exhibition Republic of San Marino. Special painting prize.
Contest Town of Ferrara on 1997. 1st classed.
On 1998, during the 3rd Art exhibition in Montecatini Terme he was awarded the special painting prize.
In Ferrara during contest "Filippo de Pisis" he was the 1st classed.
In Milan Eustachi Gallery, awarded special judge prize.
12th art exhibition "Town of Viareggio" first classed ex equo.
In Foggia during the national show "Spring Prize" he was awarded the medal Town of Foggia.
In Ferrara during the national contest "Cosmè tura" 1998 he was the first classed.